I have been a registered nurse since 2008, the same year I received my first training in labor, delivery, and pediatrics. 


I began my work as a hospice nurse in 2012, and soon realized that I wanted to work with the full circle of life. My services range to support individual women, partners, and families. In 2014, I began to work in start-of-life care and became a certified birth and post partum doula through Natural Resources in San Francisco. The following year I started training with Still Birthday to become a bereavement doula.



Bereavement Care

Please contact me directly if you are needing miscarriage or stillbirth support. 


Birth Keeper

Includes 3 prenatal visits and 2 postpartum visits - $1,500


Post Partum Care

This is to support mom and the family unit. Please contact me directly to discuss the services that best match your families needs. 


A Rebozo is a scarf traditionally used by women in Mexico to assist in Labor.