End-of-Life Midwife


One Time Plan of Care Consultation - $250

This is an in-person or video call for guidance in end of life planning. This can include creating a plan of care with the person who is dying, family and friends, or any other support person. This also can include guidance in health care access, end of life paper work, and funeral arrangements.  

End of Life Consultation - $100

This is an individual one hour video call. This is for anyone who is in need of support in dying or a loved one who is dying. 

End of Life Care - $50/hr

This is a house call, in person and hands on care. It is for the person who is dying or family who needs extra support in caring for their loved one who is dying. 

My first registered nursing position was at the well-known level one trauma hospital, Harborview Medical Center, in Seattle, Washington. My unit included many specializations, including palliative and comfort care for the end of life. Though I had attended many patients in their final days as a nursing assistant, this was my first experience sitting at the bedside of actively dying patients.


It was this experience that led me to believe I would one day specialize in Hospice nursing. In 2012 I began to pursue that path in earnest, when I had the honor of being an end-of-life doula in one of my client’s homes. This process as well as a personal experience of loss and grieving confirmed for me that it was time to serve those who were dying, their family and friends. I started working at an in-patient unit known as the Bruns House in Alamo, California. In 2013, I took the national board exam and became a Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse. I have continued to work as a Hospice Nurse both in the home and in-patient setting. 


I have gone on in my training to become an End-of-Life Midwife for supporting dying in the home and in home funerals. My services range from consulting to in-person hands on care. As an End-of-Life Midwife I can guide in creating a plan of care for you or your loved one at the end of life. I can help you sculpt a unique blueprint to address things such as caregiving, medications, holistic and alternative options, spiritual needs, psychosocial needs, and end-of-life wishes and paper work. I can also serve as an End-of-Life Midwife in the home for hands on support of you or your loved one during the transition between life and death.


Please contact me by phone or e-mail to discuss more about you or your loved one's current state and needs. Please know that you are not alone in this process, and there is support available for you and your loved one during this time.