"Having had an unplanned, unwanted and urgent c-section my biggest concerns were my ability to breastfeed and a speedy recovery to be healthy and present enough to care for my baby. As soon as I started taking the capsules, my milk production soared, the energy I had throughout the day was balanced, and my recovery has been swifter than I thought possible. I contribute this to "repurposing" my placenta."

- Dani Files (Doula and Placenta Client) 

"It is impossible for me to imagine my son’s birth without Alexandria. She was such a powerful anchor and helped me navigate the most intense, excruciating pain of my life with grace and strength. Alexandria has an instinctual connection with the birthing process and a passion for guiding women and their partners through this life-changing experience. My husband and I felt so lucky to have her! "

- Cerrithwen Genetti (Doula and Placenta Client)